Feasibility studies

If you want to validate a conceptual idea before a major investment we make a technological feasibility study and patent research to see if the planned  product can be developed under the cost target and technology and existing patents constraints.

Microcontroller-based system design

Texas Instruments MSP430, Rabbit Semiconductor, Microchip PIC Family, Atmel AVR & MCS51, National Semiconductor, Intel  MCS51, Zilog Z8, Siemens , Samsung , Philips , Toshiba and Hitachi .

We have also experience developing applications for the PC/104 standard, and with signal conditioning and acquisition and electronic control for power  electronics.

Printed circuit boards

We can provide services for design, capture, layout and routing of printed circuit  boards. We can either work form your schematic diagram or by copying a sample board.

Software and Firmware Development

We are experienced in working with several brands of microcontrollers and hardware architectures, as well as programming in assembly and C language and for Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). We can also provide integration with Microsoft Windows or develop a complete software solution that includes software development for desktop or mobile applications.

Engineering services

We can deliver black-box solutions in terms of your functional requirements, be it a monitoring, measuring, control, alarm notification or manufacturing test-bench application. We can also redesign older products  to improve cost or performance.