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Ataques al servidor de dominios

Is IT losing the battle against DNS attacks?
Few things can strike fear into the heart of the IT department like an attack on a company’s Domain Name System servers. That may explain why companies are spending so much time to deploy myriad, complex security measures to keep their DNS protected from malicious attackers. A study released Wednesday of 465 IT and business professionals says despite the Sisyphean efforts, many companies remain vulnerable.

Software preinstalado

This week’s hot topic:
Shovelware on new PCs When you buy a computer from any major PC manufacturer, you can bet that you will find a boatload of preinstalled trial software. When we asked our members to tell us what they had to say about that bundled software, many were quick to let loose in this discussion.

“Ranting about Shovelware”
“After 10 years of being a loyal PC purchaser and buying many, such as IBM, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, and other PCs, I am so fed up with shovelware, spyware, and other problems that I am officially switching to Mac when I buy a new desktop and laptop computer…” (Read more)

–Submitted by: CNET member tmlra

“Making a mountain out of a mole hill”
“Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about so called crapware, and frankly I think it’s all blown out of proportion. I’m one who likes to try new software so I’m not offended by a new computer containing this kind of material. It’s not very difficult to get rid of what you…” (Read more)

–Submitted by: CNET member tqat25

“A ‘solution,’ but not for the faint of heart”
“I recently purchased a Sony UX handtop. As annoying as shovelware is on desktops, imagine having a 32GB Solid State Drive with over a third of the space devoted to shovelware. My solution was to do a clean install of the operating system and then install only the drivers…” (Read more)

–Submitted by: CNET member Russ Smith

“No benefit? That’s why I need a shovel.”
“Last I knew, saving 50 to 100 dollars off the price of a computer was a big benefit. If you’d rather pay more for a custom install without the advertising, go right ahead. Advertising is everywhere, from your favorite Web page to your McDonalds cup. It can be…” (Read more)

–Submitted by: CNET member qprize

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In the Spotlight

FileMaker Server Best Practices
FileMaker recently released a white paper detailing best practices for deploying FileMaker Server in the enterprise. This paper covers tips and techniques for making FileMaker Pro databases available to…read more

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CCE fija postura; exige disminución de la CETU
El Consejo Coordinador Empresarial determinó su postura ante la iniciativa fiscal del gobierno de Felipe Calderón, en la cual en la que exige, entre otros puntos, reducir a 12% la CETU y que haya un compromiso para “desmantelar” el ISR en un plazo de hasta tres años.

Partidos proponen reforma a régimen de Pemex
Las fracciones del PRI, PVEM, PRD, PT y Convergencia en la Comisión Permanente propusieron reformar el régimen fiscal de Pemex para reducir de 79 a 70% el pago de derechos ordinarios al fisco y que tenga $80,000 millones adicionales.

Piratas informáticos realizan ataque en EU
Una firma de seguridad informó que “Hackers” robaron datos del Departamento de Transporte de EU y de varias empresas como Booz Allen, HP y Unisys, engañando a empleados con falsas ofertas de trabajo en anuncios y correos electrónicos.

Noticias sobre RFID

Westgate Logistics Focuses on RFID
RFID Journal – Melville,NY,USA
By Beth Bacheldor July 17, 2007–Following a successful RFID pilot with multiple business partners using RFID to track shipments of wooden pallets in
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RFID and barcodes will work together – UK
by Melanie Reynolds An increasing number of mandates and the adoption of standards is driving the use of RFID technology, but this does not mean the end for
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Supply Chain Council

Latest News
Supply-Chain World North America
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17-19 March, 2008
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Call for Speakers, Presentations and Sponsors
Can you share a case study based on your organization’s experience? Have you documented results and outcomes from your SCOR model implementation efforts? Or perhaps you have insights to offer your peers relevant to one of the educational tracks below. We want to hear from you! Submit a proposal to present at this highly visible conference.

Align your presentation with one of these content tracks:

  • Supply Chain Performance Management: Metrics & Benchmarking
  • Truly Great People – Applying Game Changing Strategies through Leadership, Change Management and Education
  • New Challenges and Leading Practices
  • Strategy to Execution – Implementing Strategic Supply Chain Change

View and complete the Call for Prensentations form by 31 August 2007.

Learn more about Supply Chain World North America.

La búsqueda de número primos

La búsqueda de número primos (GIMPS Home Page).

Inclusive hay recompensa económica para motivar el desarrollo de esta tecnología a través de EFF Cooperative Computing Awards para el que encuentre primero:

$50,000 por el primer número primo con más de 1,000,000 dígitos decimales ( Apr. 6, 2000)
$100,000 por el primer número primo con más de 10,000,000 dígitos decimales
$150,000 por el primer número primo con más de 100,000,000 dígitos decimales
$250,000 por el primer número primo con más de 1,000,000,000 dígitos decimales

Actualmente el primo más grande que se conoce es el primo Mersenne 44, 232,582,657-1, un número de 9,808,358 digitos así que el premio de los 100,000 dolares pudiera estar cerca.

¿Se podrá hacer algo mejor con tu PC que correr screen savers y tenerla esperando a que teclees la siguiente letra?